Why I think Windows 8 will push more people onto Mac

After seeing and experiencing Windows 8, I honestly feel that Mac OS X is now, more than ever a far superior desktop OS. I won't deny that Windows 8 seems like an awesome tablet OS, with the gestures and app support it could turn out to be superb for tablets. However, on desktop or laptop, where lets face it, you would come to to do work, Windows 8 just seems out of place for me. The tiled interface isn't particularly great to use with a traditional mouse of trackpad. To me, it feels like trying to use iOS from an iPad with a mouse, it just doesn't work.

I currently have a Windows 7 laptop and for me, that is where Microsoft got it right, the OS is perfect for work. However, I am a big supporter of Mac, I use an iPad 2 as my tablet and have an iPhone 4 as my phone. With Mac OS X remaining in it usual form, more work orientated and more desktop orientated, I believe that more people will come flooding to OS as they will sorely miss this functionality from Windows 8.

Let me know your opinions below.