I Just got a Note2 and It's Amazing, but I have a few issues. Note 2 owners please help!

First of all, wow!

I am upgrading from the Galaxy S2 and wow what a difference that screen makes. After using the note2 for the last 48 hours my s2 almost feels unusable. The biggest gripe I hear about the Note2 is that "It's too big" WRONG. I think It's actually the idea size for a smartphone.

It's big enough that I can view almost any website with very minimal scaling, Phone AND tablet apps look amazing on it as opposed to something like a 7" or 10" device scaling a phone up looks like crap but the 5.5 inch screen scales phone apps perfectly. Jellybean is super smooth, there is zero lag at all I guess that also has to do with the 2GB of Ram this beast has.

Anyhow, wow just wow this is by far the best gadget I have ever owned and if your on the fence about it because of it's size I say it only looks big it dosen't feel big at all and as soon as you break it in ( 24 -48 hours ) it will be difficult to go back to anything smaller.

That all being said I did have a few issues. First, figuring out how to sync this thing with my mac took nearly an entire day of fiddling around and reading less than helpful forum posts. But after some time I managed to figure out how to get my pictures, ebooks and other apps from my S2 onto my Note2.

The other issue I was having was that "Text-to-speech" kept reading everything to me I couldn't figure out what the hell the problem was. It eventually stopped but I have no idea what I did to get it to stop considering I had text2speech turned off the entire time.

The only other problem(s) I am having is my charger seems a bit cheap in that I find it disconnected. You can't move the phone around a lot when it's on the charger or the the USB falls out.

The biggest problem I have with the note2 (and hopefully someone can help me out here) is that my S-pen seems to be too sensitive. I am not sure if this is something I can change, but whenever I write with it if I don't lift the pen up WAY off the screen it streaks the letters together messing up the text. Also, inputing a password or something with the pen is almost impossible because just hovering over any random key chooses it. So just the movement from one letter to the next chooses all the letters in-between. Anyone have any suggestions about this?

Anyhow, Love the Note 2 if your up for upgrade and want an Android phone this is what you need!