Android 4.2 Features and the Post-PC Future

What cool new features in Android 4.2 are y'all looking forward to?

In my last post on how I was disappointed with Jelly Bean, I mentioned two features I really want to see come to Android: split-screen multi-tasking and multiple user profiles. Looks like 4.2 is going to feature the multiple user profiles at least.

The timing is quite interesting. Windows RT is now the first tablet OS to really have good support for these features. Will Android start to move in that direction and enable greater productivity with their devices?

I really hope so. I have experimented some with using my Galaxy Nexus with an external monitor and bluetooth mouse and keyboard. It's okay. The experience isn't really there yet. A lack of RAM and no split screen really slowed things down, and there are a bunch of inconsistencies in the experience at that scale. Lots of screen elements don't scale appropriately, and some apps don't respect the "force landscape" mode while mirrored. I'm tempted to try and fix some of the issues by using Paranoid Android to set some crazy DPI settings and seeing how apps react.

I'm in the market for a new computing device to take the place of my Macbook Air, but nothing is quite there yet. I have a Chromebook (CR-48) and an Android tablet (Galaxy Tab 8.9 w/ JB ROM) and neither is quite there yet. Android supports my work VPN and has a number of nice apps, but the Chromebook has split-screen and a better shell console. (Important to me, since I'm a programmer)

What do y'all think? Will Android go after the post-PC ideal like Windows RT and Surface, go for greater consumption ability and friendliness like the iPad, or carve out some whole new set of trade-offs?