Google's Glass Project will not run Android

At least, not Android as we know it.


A friend of mine recently left their job as a network analyst to a smaller, more casual company. He, and apparently most higher-level Google employees, was actually pretty clued in on Project Glass and some other semi-skunkworks projects. At any rate, he's told me this: Project Glass is currently running a version of Chrome OS.

Project Glass runs ChromeOS

It's unclear if this is a result of a convergence of Chrome OS and Android just yet, but he said that it's clearly Chrome OS right now. This means that any convergence will likely come before the Glass release date, some time around late 2013-early 2014.

Other info gleaned: Glass' battery life has been blowing expectations out of the water because of the tiny prism-type display. Quad-core is a tentative yes. They're trying to partner with carriers to deliver a version with cell capability, but it's currently unknown if the glasses will be ready to entire replace cellphones at launch. Also, Android@home is on the bench right now. Not dead, but they're not really investing time into it at the moment. By the way, that patent that the idiot tech blogs thought was about "dominant-eye" Glass was more about patenting a more reasonable and practical design for integrated lenses (something they're in active talks about) than it was about lefties. Of course, though, nobody paid attention to that.

If anybody has any questions, I'd be glad to try and relay them to him, though it'll be easier to contact him after his flight/settling in to Austin.

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