Lumia 900 commercials on Hulu plus and trying to stop myself from going to buy a Surface...

Don't get me wrong, I like Windows Phone, I want Nokia to succeed, but AT&T, why are you trying to sell the 900, when there's a WP8 event on Monday?!

The mind boggles.

Also, I am reading here on my iPad, using teamviewer to go on my Windows 8 desktop which is in the basement, and I'm doing all I can to not to jump in the car to Roosevelt Field Mall and buy a surface, despite feeling like those Virgin Mobile commercials where they throw their devices away so they can get new ones... (I secretly want my iPad 2 to break on me, just so I have an excuse to buy a Surface)

Main reason I'm holding off: there's a chance work can get me a discount on a windows tablet, but it probably can't be a Surface, and the Vivo (probably what it'd be) doesn't feel as nice in the hand as the Surface.