Handful of Minor W8 Questions

Hi friends! Enjoying my first full day with Windows 8. I was hoping some of you might be able to help me with a few minor questions I had. Podcasts: Are these managed in W8 somewhere that I can't figure out? In W7 I used Zune to do all of that (I have a Windows Phone) but I don't see how to do that after the upgrade. I did do the web upgrade with the option to keep my programs (it kept Zune) but if I ever install fresh am I just out of luck? Guest Account: My guest account doesn't allow the guest to use the internet--the icon has an X on it and says "Unavailable" even though if I switch back to me, it's fine. What gives? Windows Updates: My first update was a disaster...it started making the "ding!" noise and restarting the updates every five seconds. I had to restart, twice. What's that about? Sounds: It seems like sometimes the Metro stuff doesn't make the sounds it's supposed to. Anyone else have that problem? Start Screen Organization: When I first started, the rows of tiles had a nice gap between them. It helped delineate one row from the next. I did a TON of rearranging and now that is mostly gone, it's like one big blob of tiles. Is this a dumb one again? Thanks for any help you can offer on these questions--still have a lot to learn but so far I've having fun. Thanks everyone. :-) //Mike