Windows Store wishlist


So, I've been hearing a lot of complaining about the Windows Store's app offering. I feel like some of the criticism is fair, but some is just blind trolling without doing any research. But I'm not here to debate that.

I wanted to come to the forums and ask the obvious questions:
-What apps would you guys like to see in the Windows Store?
-What apps do you miss from other platforms?
-What desktop apps do you wish you could experience in full screen, don't-call-it-metro-style?

Here's my list:

-Pocket or Readability
-A better RSS feed reader than what is currently offered
-The Verge
-Official Twitter and Facebook (however the People app is holding up just fine for me)
-Rdio/Spotify (Xbox Music is handling the job just fine though)
-Official TV Guide

I understand that the browser(s) in Windows 8/ 8 Pro/ RT are very capable, but I feel as though Digg, Tumblr, Facebook, The Verge and Twitter are all websites that would look incredible in the new Windows 8 style (or whatever you want to call it) apps.

Sound off in the comments!