How to memorize those memories?

Metallica - The Memory Remains [Official Music Video] (via MetallicaTV)

Fortune fame, mirror vain, gone insane, but the memory remains.

That's what Metallica had to say in their song 'The Memory Remains' from their seventh studio album, 'Reload'. And that's what Swedish serial entrepreneur, Martin Kallstrom and his team seem to be singing nowadays. They've got all the reasons to do so because they've got Memoto.

Now, what's Memoto you may ask? Well, for the uninitiated and those of you who were, by some stroke of luck, stuck in the sewers of Gotham city due to Bane's antics, here's the summary of what Memoto is all about.

Memoto is basically a camera which has no buttons and as long as you wear the camera, it is constantly taking pictures. It takes 2 Geo-tagged photos a minute with recorded orientation so that the app can show them upright no matter how you are wearing the camera. The best part about the camera, the team claims, is that the camera and the app work together to give you pictures of every single moment of your life, complete with information on when you took it and where you were. So, that means you can revisit any moment of your past and it acts as a life blogging tool. In a way, it's helping you in memorizing all the memories, the set of which results into the entire human life.

The team of Memoto has already put up the project for funding on Kickstarter and as of date, the project's been backed by 1698 people with a total of $323,512 pledged. Checkout the page of Memoto life-blogger camera on Kickstarter.

We might be witnessing what appears to be, steps which are inches in the right direction towards innovation. The device does not have video or audio support as of date, however, they can be arranged to form a short stop-motion video (with the help of the apps) which can be shared on social networks. Also, all of this photo clicking would generate 4 GB of data everyday from each user. That's quite a lot of data, even to store on clouds or servers. The biggest drawback could be that the camera doesn't see what your eyes are seeing. It would give you, most of the times, photographs from the same vantage points. Not quite the personal memory you were looking for. eh?

The biggest drawback could be that the camera doesn't see what your eyes are seeing.

Most importantly, what do you do about the memories of your past, the ones before Memoto came along? Many questions of a similar nature need to be answered to arrive at an innovative breakthrough of tomorrow.

That brings us to a very queer but interesting point. Consider the following hypothetical scenario:

You come to know that within one hour of reading this post, you're going to die and you've been handed a device, quite similar to the Memoto. Unlike the Memoto which we discussed above, this device is capable of collecting all existing memories in your mind from the beginning till this point. However, it can only collect three (3) memories from your mind in the next one (1) hour.

Now, my question to all the readers of Verge is: Which three (3) memories would you choose from your whole life till this point? This memory could change someone's life, change society or it could even change the world. So what's your choice, if stored on this device.

On a parting note, I leave you with the words of Bob Dylan.

Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them.

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