Serious limitations of Mail & Music Apps in Windows RT

There are 2 major issues IMO. Everythinbg else looks beautiful and amazing. Once the apps start flowing in, with all the wonderful features of new OS I do not see any damn reason for it to fail!

1. The Music doesn't seem to be using memory card efectively. That's a huge dampener. !

Windows RT and WP8 now support MicroSD card. YAY!!

But there seems to be a problem. The music app is unable to integrate all the music that you have stored on card. Also it doesn't seem to play all possible formats of music. It doesn't seem to be able to integrate all the music you might have stored on SkyDrive.!

Surface RT owners, have you tried loading up your music app with music on memory card? What are your impressions about it.!

2. The mail app seems to support only one account at a time. Why cant I link multiple accounts in W8 the way I do in WP7? I need to use Hotmail, Gmail & my Office Corporate account at once. I would love to see an individual live tile for each of my inboxes.!

Also a welcome move is to show only unread messages in live tile. Else it can keep quiet.