Best free Windows 8 mail client with POP support?

Question here: What to do if you need POP3 support on a Windows 8 install, and want to painlessly upgrade an XP Outlook Express experience?

I want to upgrade an old computer of mine to Windows 8 and give it to my parents. There ISP only has a POP3 option for mail access. I thought about switching them to or gmail and have those pick up the pop mails, but am afraid of getting 'support questions' I cannot answer over the phone since I do not have such a setup myself.

They use XP Outlook Express, I also will have to get mail from outlook folders to whatever they are upgrading to.

I use Postbox myself, but I do not want to steer my family to far away from the default Windows platform (postbox is a mozilla thunderbird clone).

So I have concluded that my best bet is the live essentials mail client. But the reason I still wonder whether somebody has a better alternative is because I do not like the live essentials mail GUI at all.