Windows 8 Installation issues

Hello Everybody,

I am having issues installing a liscense of Windows 8 that was given to me by my University. UC Berkeley has an arangement with Microsoft where all students have access to one free copy of all Microsoft OS and Office releases. I have a product key here to use to install Windows 8. Sounds good right? Too bad its not working.....

So heres the issue. I download the 5 mb file from the page that gave me the key, and I run it. It says "Internal Error: Failed to continue with the installation. There may have been some errors during download. Please try again." So I try it again and again, but never does it work. Now I can't find anywhere else to download the OS from either.

Help Anybody?

tldr: I have a working windows 8 key with a buggy download, anywhere else to download the install files?