How's your Windows 8 productivity?

So I've been using Windows 8 for 3 months now, and despite all the naysayers slamming Windows 8 for its apparent "hindrance of productivity" I've found myself being more productive with it.

Obviously there are many performance upgrades with Windows 8, but even the new start screen and hot corners has improved my way of working. Those complaining that Windows 8 sucks for multitasking must have purely been doing their research via youtube and reddit.

I keep most desktop apps pinned along the taskbar with any additional programs having a desktop shortcut, and the way i switch between this apps is the same as Windows 7.

I've always worked with a few distractions open such as facebook, twitter and music. this is a habit i just cant kick. But now i just tuck them away in the Metro side of the OS, and whack my mouse up into the top left corner to fast switch between apps whenever i want to have a quick look. As opposed to them always being there in W7.

I could go on all day but this post is already long. I for one could never return to W7 out of choice. Ive upgraded my workhorse PC, buying a new W8 laptop for the family, and purchasing a new desktop as a HTPC for my bedroom which will be great with the new Logitech trackpad.

TLDR: Its early days, and while Windows 8 isnt "perfect", few things are in life. And windows 8 offers many performance and productivity improvements over W7 and for a very good price compared to previous upgrade costs. For those reluctant to switch, just think of W8 as W7 on steroids with a new outfit. I think Windows 8 will mature massively over the next 12 months, and i think that's when we'll see Windows in full force.