How to immediately piss off loads of us Britons.

Dear Microsoft,

So I went to the Microsoft store to check on the progress of my Surface and I see a new link to "Experience a Surface in Person". Still no news, but I ordered late, I wont hold this against you. However, clicking on this Link, I couldn't help noticing something.

Of the twenty demonstration places you have set up for people to try a Surface, one, I repeat ONE, is outside of London. Yes Microsoft, we in the rest of the country are aware that London is the capital. Yes, we are also aware that the UK is geographically smaller than the USA and it may look to you on your Bing maps as if London is actually only a couple of inches away from the rest of the country. We are even aware that most of the population of London regards Watford Gap as some sort of marker for the end of civilization a land of naked people covered in blue woad who neither talk like Ray Winstone nor like Emma Thomson and these being the only accents recognized as British by those in London, we are dismissed as strange beings of no consequence.

However, we would like to make you aware that in fact 87% of the population of the UK, and thus 87% of your potential customers, amazingly do not live in London. We understand that the names Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle seem strange and frightening to you. We understand that you may have once been badly scarred by seeing Mel Gibson in a skirt and shouting "they'll never take our freedom" in a strangely distored Australian accent. But if you can somehow see your way to just possibly providing a similar service to the rest of the country outside of London, we promise to not ride our chariots through your stores, we promise not to appear naked except for blue paint and talking about "bloody Thatcher". We will even, you may be amazed to learn, not try to force-feed your sales people fried Mars Bars.

Just, you know, try to acknowledge that maybe focusing your entire marketing drive toward one city is going to lead to some of us being a bit peeved and possibly could be construed as short-sighted.

If, despite our webbed fingers we can still manage multi-touch on an iPad, I'm sure we can manage it with a Surface.

Your sincerely,

The Rest of the Fucking United Kingdom. p.s. If you do this, we promise not to assume in future that all americans carry guns and eat at McDonalds every day and have no clue about the geography of the rest of the world. Though you haven't really helped with that last one.