I think I (surprisingly) dont' like the Windows 8 XBOX music app.

I'm a big proponent of Windows 8 on the desktop. I think the appification of everything with the Windows store is going to be really liked by consumers.

But I do think the Xbox Music app is especially bad on the desktop. Maybe it works better on touch. Anyways, I get really annoyed when I search for an artist, and instead of clicking it and getting an album to pick from the albums, and then the songs, I just get a full song list in a pop up. If you want to play a specific album, you almost have to specifically just search for that album. I think with some more thought that app could have been more intuitive. The app is sort of annoying to use. Anybody else find this app sort of a disappointment?

They took out podcasts, but I bought Pushpod, and I like that app quite a bit. If you're looking for a podcast app I suggest that. It has nice presentation, and you can pin podcasts to the start screen and get notifications for new episodes. When the app is snapped left or right it can play video even.