Window 7 users, whats keeping you from upgrading?

Is it the start menu?
You can install a 3rd party start menus that actually work great.

Heres some great 3rd party Start Menus for you beloved Start-Menu Advocates

Is the the Start Screen?
Its definitely a dramatic change, and its understandable to be mad because Microsoft is forcing it onto you, whether you like it or not. However, you still have your options. You can press Win+D to go right into desktop, you can remove all metro apps from Startscreen and make it a quick launcher with only desktop apps, or embrace the best of both worlds.
(Courtesy of Luph)

Is it because as a Desktop user, the desktop experience doesn't seem worthwhile?
If you plan to only use desktop, Windows 8 is still worthwhile. For one, its a better performer is almost all areas. The amount of time avoiding the Startscreen is worth it since it is easily compensated by the speedy startup and shutdown.
(Techradar did a wonderful review and included an in-depth comparison between the Performance of Windows 8 and Windows 7)

Windows 8 doesnt have enough features?
Windows 8 offers:

  • Cloud intergration allowing your accoun to follow you wherever you signin
  • Smartglass- between your android/wp8 device, windows 8 machine and xbox.
  • Ribbon file explorer, Improved task manager, a powerful copy manager
  • A great backup system, much easier compared to Windows 7
  • Better monitor support
  • Native printer framework so most printers can work natively without drivers
  • Internet Explorer 10 is fast

As you can see, I clearly think Windows 8 is well worth the update especially at such a competitive price of

$39.99. So I appreciate you reading and want to hear whats holding you guys back!