Mission impossible, using my Galaxy Nexus as my only device

For over a year I'm using my Chromebook as my primary device.

For many of you that looks like a mission impossible but I haven't had any regrets.

I am also a cat lover. I have four of them. About four months ago one of them let my Chromebook fall on the floor. Right on the powerjack. It went loose , but I didn't mind.

Today I was watching some YouTube videos with the device on my upper legs when I noticed that my 'private parts' were very warm. The heat came from my Chromebook! That was weird. I didn't notice it before because it is always very cool and the fan doesn't make any noise.

I called my supplier and they would send me a package to send it to Samsung ( hope it falls under my warranty)

So from now on until my Chromebook is returned my only device is my Galaxy nexus is my only device.

Sure I've used my nexus for browsing before but I never used it for such a lot long time. Normally if a site only has a desktop site I change to the Chromebook but I can't do that ATM.

I will use the experiences I learn during this period to make the decision if I need a nexus tablet.

The first thing I notice is that flash is almost nowhere.

The second thing is that dropdown menus are bad if they use mouse over. This is really really really really really bad.

Third: switching between tabs on the chrome mobile browser isn't as native as on chrome os. It's fine for toilet only usage, but when you use it extensively it isn't as fast.

Four: since jelly bean the symbols like a question mark aren't as accessible as before. You need to select and move your finger to the left. When I do that I often select the enter by mistake. Also, the emoticons are outdated.

Five: As a non native English speaker the auto correct option helps me really well. I think Google nailed it.

To be continued