Questions about the Nexus 4

1. Unlocked Price:

The British unlocked/sim-free Nexus 4 price-point has been leaked to be about £390. I don't know a lot about European unlocked phone prices vs. American prices, but I have heard that they are generally 1:1. If this is true, will the unlocked Nexus 4 will be about $390 minus their taxes?


2. Design:

What do you guys think about the large "chrome" bezel and the glass back-panel's design? I personally like the glass back, but not the bezel.

3. Storage:

Is Google only offering the Nexus 4 in 8 GB and 16 GB capacities to push consumers towards the cloud? Or is it because they just want to create a budget device? I'm leaning towards the latter, but I still think LG can manufacture 16 GB and 32 GB configurations at a relatively low price.

4. Plan:

Do you guys recommend using an unlocked version of this device on T-Mobile's pre-paid Monthly4G plans, or will these plans change? (Perhaps when T-Mobile offers LTE?) I want to use T-Mobile's $30 Unlimited Text, 4G Data, and 100 minutes but am weary about price shifts during 2013.

In the end, what do you think about the Nexus 4? I think it has its flaws, but they are not detrimental--especially if Google can offer an unlocked version under $400.