Will People STFU About Design!

All I've heard in the past few weeks is, "Design, design, design." Get over it. When did design start outweighing specs? Are you just going to sit there and stare at the device all day? No, you will use it and abuse it. Who cares if it is made out of ivory and unicorn blood, its a freaking slab of metal and plastic that you use to accomplish tasks. Don't let the gilded age of tech fool you. You do not want to get a device only based on design.

Now that the rant is over, I am sure most of you know what device I am referring too. The Nexus 10 has potential to be the ugliest tablet I have ever seen. But it doesn't matter. It will ship with Android 4.2, it will have the highest resolution screen on the market, it will be powered by an A-15 processor, and it will be the first real 10 inch Nexus tablet. It may look terrible, but I guarantee you it won't matter after 15 minutes with the device. If it is light and thin (like BriefMobile says it is) and feels great in the hands, it doesn't matter if it looks like a mutated toaster.

While I do agree that hardware can be a major differentiating factor, and if done right can be downright mesmerizing. I don't think that should be the main consideration. Nilay was saying on the Vergecast just this past week that he wants to move to Android, but the hardware isn't compelling. Forget about the hardware, it's a portal into the world of computing. As long as its internals are powerful and the software is capable, it will give you what you want. Lets face it, no one wants the most beautiful device, they want the most capable device. Amazing design is the cherry on top that shouldn't overwhelm the rest of the sundae.