The hidden secret behind Windows Phone

It hurts to say it -- but Windows Phone is not different than the typical Windows operating system (e.g. Windows XP and 7). It fails badly after some months of heavy uses. My usage included: surfing the web, and installing and uninstalling apps and other tasks almost everyday. But before you start calling me troll, let me explain myself.

My Lumia 900 was working as stable and fast as an iPhone for the first couples of months. But a few weeks back, it started to behave just like Windows. It was faulty, many apps would not launch, it was not very responsive, the battery would die quickly without usage, it would get extremely hot and other minor errors associated with Windows. The lag to do single tasks was disastrous, and some other issues that Windows users would recognize on their computers were all present on my Lumia. In short, one could say it had a virus of some sort, but it did not. After doing some research, I found out that my Lumia was running on top of some archaic and weak kernel. This is the nature of Windows -- Microsoft core technologies are weak in comparison of that of Apple and Linux. That`s why iPhone and Android phones are better than devices running Windows Phones (note: I am not talking in terms of user interface or features). Microsoft has been pretty good at hiding that Windows Phone shares the core technologies with their desktop counterparts. That`s why it fooled me. Regular Windows users know that Windows needs to be formatted quite often so the computer can run as fast and stable as in the beginning . It`s a shame that the same needs to be done with Windows Phone, if you want to use it after a couple of months.

After resetting my phone, all the problems vanished away. Not surprise there. It was clear that my Lumia was running the (IN)famous Windows with a different UI and a few nice tricks under its sleeve. I had high hopes for the OS to be a technical feast and the new face for Microsoft, but it`s just the traditional Windows in disguise. I stopped using Windows on my computers because for the same errors that my Lumia started having. I wanted to buy a Windows Phone 8, but now I get a clearer picture of why Microsoft has not been able to make a dent in the mobile market -- its reputation of troublesome software maker carries along with all their products with the exception of the Xbox brand. I will buy an iPhone 5, and forget that Microsoft makes mobile OS for phones. I could not deal with Windows on my computer, and I don`t see a single reason why I have to deal with Microsoft`s crap anymore.

So long Microsoft, I am finally free.