Bypassing the Metro IE10 Flash Whitelist

Dear all,

I wondered if anybody has attempted to bypass the so called whitelist for flash websites. Flash seems to be fully working, but there is just a whitelist in this file specifically for websites allowed to show flash content:
The whitelisted domains are displayed in this fashion:

< Flash >
< domain >< / domain >
< domain >< / domain >
< / Flash >

Now i've tried to add a different domain, but this did not work. I also tried to add a domain with a simple * (in the hope to enable flash on all sites), again without luck. It seems like it does not directly update the content in this list.

What I did managed to get working was adding a so called dev registry for a flash site as by the documentation:

The following regedit does the job, albeit for just one domain:
To test your Flash content in Internet Explorer 10, add the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Flash\DebugDomain

where DebugDomain is a string value specifying the domain name as its data. (For example, For example:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Flash\DebugDomain =

Anybody managed to get flash enabled for all websites?


UPDATE: It works!

Just follow these steps:

Add the desired domain to that list as follows:
< domain > YOURDESIREDDOMAIN.COM < / domain >

Now save the list.

Go to IE10 desktop and goto: ALT —> Tools —> Compatibility View settings. Now uncheck the last checkmark ("Download updated compatibility list from Microsoft").

Now go to IE10 Metro: WIN+I to go to settings —> internet options —> delete browsing history.

Your site will now be working with flash enabled.