Why do you like (or hate) Surface?

After a couple of days with my Surface, I believe I'm finally coming to a conclusion on what my favorite hardware and software features are. Ill keep this quick get to the point.

HARDWARE: Despite specs, I feel like the screen is outstanding. Cleartype definitely makes up for lower screen res, and what REALLY makes the screen nice is how the Microsoft Surface team decided to optically bond it. You can really see the difference between the Surface's and a traditional tablet screen. Its almost as if the content is floating in parallel with the bezel of the device. Compliments Windows 8's modern flat styling.

SOFTWARE: Obviously this will apply really any Windows 8 devices. I found the snapping feature complimented by true multitasking to be very delightful in a tablet user experience. I figured when buying the Surface RT that I would be sacrificing multitasking and was prepared to deal with it. Fortunately, to my surprise, this thing handles multiple living applications stunningly well. The only time I have experienced any slow down was while downloading my 500 song library at first start up on my updated music app, while playing Angry Birds Space, aaaand watching SNL on Netflix snapped to the side. I'd say for a first gen device It's packing great software capabilities and they are only going to get better!

That brings me to snapping. Its a game changer, really is. Snapping a long with built in Office are the things that really make my friends want the device (students). Being able to use OneNote and the video camera in class at the same time has already proven useful.

SMALL ANNOYANCES: A few app crashes ever once and a while, but nothing that really ruins the User Experience and it is only a matter of time until they are all ironed out. I also wish the device had some sort of orientation lock for when using it in bed, but again, nothing that ruins the device for me.

So, I'm interested in knowing what every tribe visitor who owns one of these puppies has to say about it and what their favorite features are!

TL;DR Awesome screen, great multitasking, snapping, and Office are all great things abut the Surface. App crashes and lack of orientation lock is a tad bit annoying, nothing horrible.

P.S. At this point, I can't help but to think that all the "not usable on the lap" and "strenuous reaching for the screen" was just FUD being spread by the bias media. I have typed this entire post on my lap on touch cover while using touch and go operations. It all feels natural and fluid IMHO.