Improving the Windows 8 experience (Wishlist for Microsoft)

Ok, first of all I'd like to disclose the fact that I'm no expert in Windows 8, nor I am affiliated to MS in anyway. Yesterday I installed W8Pro on a (non touch or trackpad enabled) laptop to try it out, and to be honest, so far so good! I like it, and I like the new approach that MS is going for. I know it's early on, but I'd like to make a list here with stuff that I think will improve the Modern and W8 Desktop experience for everyone. So here it goes!

Modern Interface Quirks:

- Ability to just show icons (without the small description text on the bottom)

- Use the larger version of icons that most contemporary applications (like Photoshop) have.

- Ability to change the icons to whatever we want :)

- Ability to create groups with 1 column (small icon size). Currently it forces you to use 2 columns.

- Ability to change the Modern background to a custom image. And how about animated Modern backgrounds? Imagine a "musical" BG, minimalist style background animating itself to the beat of the music your currently playing (even if you're not using the Modern Music app).

- When activiting the Modern Charm, a setting to hide the big clock on the left that goes over your apps.

- Ability to put useful info (like the clock, and power and wifi connection icons) instead of the "Start" title. (I know newer people need that help, but I'd love the chance to change it).

- The beautiful lock screen should show you all the users that are currently active, not just the last user. Password input screen should still keep showing you the background you chose for the lock screen settings, not change to a bland color backgroundscreen.

Appstore user experience Quirks

- App Updates sometimes seem to work, sometimes they don't. (For example right now, the comp is telling me that 5 apps need updates: Music, the Productivity apps (Mail, Calendar, etc), Travel, News, Maps. I click Update, but the process seems to have hanged).

- ERGO, show a progress bar on updates.

- It seems that if you have more than 1 user on your machine, you still have to install the same app two times. Kinda redundant in a way?

This is my list so far... please feel free to suggest more stuff to the wishlist, or maybe even correct me if I'm doing it wrong on something.