My weekend with my Surface.

Let me begin this post by describing my day to day tech I use:

-MacBook Pro with Retina
-iPhone 5
-iPad 3
-Various XP and Win 7 work machines.

My weekend machines:
-iPhone 5

When I began using the Surface on Friday, I found both the hardware and software awkward. Then something happened: I began to learn to use it. I am excited about Microsoft's tablet vision and their vision with Surface.

There's one comparison I have for the iPad and Surface. Consider the differences between a simple shovel and a track hoe for digging earth. You can do the job with a shovel as it is easy to learn and doesn't have any moving parts. However, a track hoe takes time to learn and master... but the jobs are done with considerable gains in efficiency. That is the difference between an iPad and the Surface. The iPad is a simple tool and the Surface (or Windows 8) is a serious tool for those that should invest the time to learn it. Not to flame bait, but my iPad feels like s Fisher Price toy now.

Granted, the Surface isn't perfect. It has several 1.0-urisms that will be ironed out as it matures and the app-store is populated.

Do I recommend it to those that aren't tech savvy? Not yet. Do I recommend it to those that are? Absolutely.

If you're half the tech nut I am, do yourself a favor and buy it.