My Personal Recommended WP7/7.8/8 App List!

With WP8 around the corner, I'd thought I'd share some of the apps I currently use and love. Since I do not have money tied to my account, it's all free! Sorry for the lack of pictures.


1. Weave

Possibly the best (and best looking) news reader on WP. With the new update just this past week or so, Weave has become smoother, better designed, and more intuitive. There's a lot of settings (including font, font size, different reading modes) and it also allows you to add new sources, create new categories, etc. (Much like Flipboard and Pulse).

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2. Baconit

For all the people who use Reddit, this is one of the best Reddit apps there is. Again, noticeable speed improvements and settings and features (you can access all of reddit, sync settings, etc.) with the new update. Overall a very solid app but you may have a few crashes here and there - the dev recommends reinstalling the app to fix this (it's one guy, I believe).

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3. Metrotube

Metrotube is a third party YouTube app! It was also by the likes of Lazytube and Metrotube (paid version). It's a very good looking app, plays your videos, has 720p streaming, all that. But performance on my phone (a 1Ghz HTC Radar) is hit or miss, sometimes freezing up entirely and having to tombstone the app. When it does work, it's a great experience. You're not going to miss anything other than the new comment formatting.

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4. Wikipedia (by Rudy Huyn)

It's quite simply a Wikipedia app that's smooth, great UI, lets you fav articles, and has all the general WIkipedia goodness.

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These are the games I'm playing. All free, again.

1. Chromatic

A game for quick (but you'll really spend quite a lot of time per game) fun. One of those stationary emplacement, enemies-come-down-the-screen games. 6 different weapons to choose from, with the ability to equip up to three weapons. My loadout is freeze, missile, and laser/mine.

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2. Contre Jour (Try Version)

This has gotten kind of popular lately with the whole promotion of Windows 8 and everything, but it's a fun puzzle game. May be harder on smaller screens but it's worth it, I'd get the full version if I were you, or play the full version on a Windows 8 tablet, that works too.

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3. Flow

It's a puzzle game. If you've heard of Trainyard Express or Trainyard of iOS fame, you'd be kind of familiar, except that the trains are now lasers (pipes), you can't cross them, you have to fill up the whole board with pipe, and point A1 to A2 has to be in one move, no tap-to-turn nonsense here. It's easy on the 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 levels, but the real challenge comes in the 8x8 and 9x9 levels. There's also 30 unique levels for each grid pattern and each difficulty level. So you get 450 levels in total. A time trial mode is also offered for each level.

It turns out this is no longer available D:

4. Flow Free

The sequel to Flow, it follows the same concepts with different levels. However there's no difficulty levels on here, rather a standard pack and a bonus pack is offered. An Android version is also available for those who want to try it out (there's even more levels if you have a tablet).Everything else is the same.

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5. Wordament
Word Game

It's word, it's a game, it's a word game! (/lamejoke). Wordament is a word game consisting of 4x4 tiles, with two minutes to find as many words as possible. You can go up down left right and diagonally in all directions but you can't skip tiles. Some are really obscure, some are common, and sometimes the game has a themed board where you find as many themed words as possible. You're also competing online against other people (you can tap on them to make them your frenemies). Note: requires a constant internet connection to play.

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6. Krashlander Free
2D Snowboarding Game

This game is very original, I haven't seen anything quite like it. Although the level count is only up to 27, the actual gameplay is hard and interesting. You control a snowboarder/skiier who has to kill robots, and you try to do so in one round. A reset only resets the character, not the progress you've done on the level - a restart of the level does that. The snowboarder's body is able to bend backwards, curl up, forwards, and go straight up as you drag or tap your fingers around the circle of icons (you can also hide these).

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7. Jet Car Stunts WP (Try Version)

It's exactly the same as its iOS counterpart, which kind of won an award or two. The game is literally a car with a jet engine on the back. In platforming mode, you have try and go from the Start the Finish in as little time as possible, without avoiding checkpoints. Time trials are circuits which are timed, and you try to go as fast as possible for three laps. The normal mode gives a a limited amount of jet fuel, which can be replenished at each checkpoint, Casual mode giving users unlimited fuel. The time and amount of retries determines a Gold, Silver or Bronze ranking. I'd recommend getting the full version.

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I've exhausted what I really like right now, so just leave some in the comments, surely people will sift through those too. :D