Windows Phone 8 Launch Event: Coverage Roundup

We are now only hours away from Windows Phone 8's launch event in San Francisco.

The presentation will begin at 10:00 am Pacific Time.

You can use one of the following video streams to watch live:
Windows Phone's Facebook page will have the video, plus collect tweets + FB comments.
Webcast: Windows Phone 8 Launch (Silverlight)
Webcast: Windows Phone 8 Launch (Flash)
Webcast: Windows Phone 8 Launch (Raw video stream)

Other resources include:
Windows Phone's News page
Windows Phone's WebLog
Windows Phone's Twitter
Microsoft News' Windows Phone Newsroom

TWiT will commit to one hour's video commentary. 10am - 11am Pacific
The Verge
Ars Technica
PC World

Here's a Bing News search for Windows Phone 8
Here's a Twitter search for Windows Phone or the official #windowsphone hashtag.
I also made my own Twitter list of official Microsoft profiles and Microsoft watchers.
If you have any requests for people to add or remove from the Twitter list, let me know.