Think Windows 8 is crap? Check out OS X 1.0's Criticisms !

From the article:

While the first Mac OS X release was an advanced operating system in terms of its technical underpinnings, and in relation to its brand new code-base, Mac OS X v10.0 was heavily criticized. There were three main reasons for criticism:

  • Interface Responsiveness - The brand-new Aqua interface was sluggish at best. It was heavily criticized for its slow application launch speed and user interface response speed. The interface response times compared to earlier Apple operating systems showed that Mac OS X still had a long way to go in terms of interface performance.
  • Stability - While 'theoretical' stability in Mac OS X was much better than stability in Mac OS 9,[citation needed] Mac OS X v10.0 was riddled with fatal bugs that caused kernel panics, especially in complex hardware setups.
  • Missing Features and Hardware Compatibility Issues - Another reason for criticism were the missing features, especially missing DVD playback, as well as CD burning, both of which were available in Mac OS 9. Mac OS X v10.0.2 included the necessary software frameworks to allow iTunes 1.1.1 to provide audio CD burning support, but data CD burning had to wait until version 10.1. There were also several issues in respect to missing printer drivers and other hardware drivers.

  • The heavy criticism of Mac OS X version 10.0 ultimately resulted in Apple offering a free upgrade to Mac OS X v10.1.