Windows 8 laptop/tablet suggestion: Are Atom Tablets Powerful enough?

Hello. I'm looking for a full windows 8 tablet (that comes with a keyboard dock). I'm trying to find out whether atom tablets are powerful enough or whether I should just get a traditional Intel laptop.

My top 2 atom tablet choices are the Asus Vivo Tab or the HP Envy x2. I'll be using it for some photo and video editing, surfing the web, gaming, navigating (google maps), designing (google Sketchup), and typing. Processing power, as I said before, as my main concern, followed by battery life, and then camera quality (as I will be using it to skype quite often). I'm trying to avoid Samsung and Acer products as their build quality isn't that good, and many of my friends who have Samsung or Acer products have had bad experiences. Another suggestion is the Surface Pro (which according to my information, has a similar processor)

In case atom tablets aren't powerful enough, I'll be getting a hybrid/utlrabook/laptop, possibly one of the following (my first requirement is that it needs to have a touchscreen):

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13, Asus Transformer Book, Asus Vivobook S400, HP Envy 4 Touchsmart Ultrabook, Dell XPS Duo12, and the Dell Inspiron 15z.

Which is the best out of the above? If not, are there any other alternatives (budget is a prime concern, but I am willing to pay more if it means better value for money). Thank you for suggesting and being tolerant of my English (which is not my first language)!