Suggest me a Smart Phone

Hi all.. I am planning to buy a Smart Phone. First let me tell you the specs that i expect from my phone..

1) Android or Windows OS
2) Display size - 4.3 inch or more
3) Rear Camera - 8MP or more and a front facing Camera
4) Quality Display (People say that Pentile display is not so good)
5) Good Battery Backup (Atleast One and half days)
6) Good User experience

I have gone through few reviews regarding Smart phones. And i have arrived at the following few options..

1) Samsung Galaxy SIII
2) HTC One X
3) HTC One S(Pentile Display)

Are these options fine?? Do you have any better option to suggest me??
And is this the right time to buy OR should i wait for Black Friday or Christmas deals?? I am going to buy an UNLOCKED phone..

I will be happy if i get a phone with the above specs for around $500 to $600