My tough decision: N4 + N7 or a NoteII.

The past 18 months I've been toting around an HTC Sensation 4G and an OG Galaxy Tab 7". The phone never leaves my side and the GT7 has been a constant laptop bag and nightstand companion for movie watching, playing games, and book reading. I've never kept a phone longer than 6 months, except for the HD2 which I kept for almost 12 months (though not all of that run was as my primary device) but that was mainly because I could play around with it hacking various other OS's into it.

The last 12 months I've been envious of the Galaxy note, the thought or replacing my 7" tablet and phone with a single device was incredibly enticing. But it was never offered on T-Mobile so I've kept the status quo with my Sensation and GT7. Then rumors of the Note II on all carriers started spreading which helped keep me from picking up the OG Note on Tmo and I waited patiently for the release of the Note II... and now it is here. It is big. It is beautiful. It has amazing battery life. It's big enough I don't think I will miss my 7" Galaxy tab allowing me to consolidate everything into one big giant beautiful gadget. As a design engineer I am often pulling out paper and pencil to make quick sketches of things, and the thought of using the Note II + S-Pen and have all of my sketches in my pocket makes my inner tech geek giggle like a little school girl. But it came with a big price tag, big enough for me to hold off buying it full price and waiting for my upgrade that comes at the beginning of November. So I am being patient and I am waiting...

Then Google released the Nexus4 and the 32GB Nexus 7. The biggest hold back for me on the Nexus 7 int he past was the lack of capacity, since I use mine for video 16 was completely inadequate. The jump to 32GB makes it usable for me as a tablet. I travel a lot overseas for a couple of weeks at a time and even 32GB isn't quite enough to hold all the content I want but I could make do with 32GB. I have to admit I am really liking what I see in the Nexus 4. It's one of those somewhat plain phones that I just seem to like the look of it. The one thing I don't like about the Galaxy Note II is the AMOLED display. I know most people love them but I've always preferred the look of a high quality LCD panel... and the Nexus4 looks like it has a good one. I also like stock Android, I am currently running a version of it on my Sensation. Functionally stock Android actually takes a step back in several ways over Sense but I find I prefer the look, icons, etc of the stock offering over HTC's Sense, and Touchwiz.

So now I'm torn. The past 30 minutes I've talked myself into the N4+N7 combo only to talk myself back into the Galaxy Note II just a few minutes later, then repeat the process over again after a couple of more minutes of contemplation. There are just way too many great Android products coming out. It can drive a person crazy trying to decide which of these new great devices to day.