Surface actually available for delivery across Europe?

This may be news to me alone but...

Being of a tinkering kind I decided to go through the steps of an online order for Surface in UK Microsoft Store. My goal was to see if I could somehow persuade Microsoft to deliver it to Croatia in any way. That proved impossible :).

However, I found out some interesting things.

I chose the base Surface model and an optional white Touch Cover (the only color option available on that landing page). Then I clicked 'Add to Cart'. In the cart I got the option to change the Touch Cover to cyan or black. After further exploration I found out the same is possible to achieve from Surface > Touch Cover menu. Why cyan isn't available on the landing page is sort of a mystery.

When I clicked 'Check Out' I was required to sign in with my LiveID account. After that I was taken to a page where I could enter the shipping address. Much to my surprise I was able to choose the shipping address in any of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and of course United Kingdom. All free shipping.

I also 'discovered' additional accessories and while looking at them I realized it might not be wise to order the Surface from UK as I could possibly end up with an unusable power adapter.

Then I went to German Microsoft Store and found out it offers the same selection of countries and accessories with the same strange additional power adapter. I know we have the same power outlet standard as Germany here in Croatia so I'm guessing that the Surface box includes some sort of power outlet adapter.

As Surface sports proprietary magnetic power adapter there is no option to go to a local computer store and buy appropriate adapter. I sincerely hope that Microsoft has this covered but I would like to check it first.

I would appreciate if anyone from UK or Germany who possibly received their Surface pre-order could shed some more light regarding the power adapter and the option to change the default language settings in Windows RT (are they identical to Windows 8?).