Am I the only one who is excited every time Google announces anything

And doesn't buy it afterwords?

First Google device: Original Samsung Chromebook in september 2011.

Bought my Nexus S in december 2011 (yes, when the Gnex was announced)

I was really excited about the Gnex but I didn't have money (I'm a student)

In May(?) Samsung and Google announced the Chromebook and Chromebox. If they were available I would buy a Chomebox for my TV in the living room and suggest my Sister to buy a Chromebook

June 2012, Nexus 7 and Nexus Q

Nexus 7 would be an instant buy if Google made it available in my country from the start

August 2012, Google TV announced in my country YEY :)

But soon it was announced that there were no apps, and no content. Bummer.

September , Asus launched the Nexus 7 (16gb) for 250 in my country. Nice price but I thought my NexS needed a replacement sooner so I bought a Gnex. Yes I was aware of the LG nexus.

October, Google announces the N10, N4 and a N7 32 gb

If the prizes of the Nexus 7 16gb drop to €200 I will definitely buy one plus a ticket to Rammstein.

If not, I will buy 2 tickets to Rammstein because German fireshows pown tablets.