Windows Phone 8 Release: Utterly Lackluster

Windows Phone 8 brings some really nice features. However you would never guess that from Joe Belfiore or Steve Balmer or anything that happened on stage today....

This past year I really thought Microsoft was improving on their presentation skills. Earlier this year when they had the Windows 8 and Surface reveals they showed real promise. Especially Panos Panay, that guy has some real talent for presentation.... Dropping the Surface on stage, nice touch.

However watching the epic fail that was today's train wreck on stage today was truly disheartening.... Joe was awkward as usual. Jessica Alba was also incredibly awkward, how were they able to find one of the few Hollywood actors that actually gets nervous speaking in front of people? Seriously?

Microsoft added some nice features to Windows Phone... However this time they had ACTUAL HARDWARE to demo things on.

Where are the flagship apps?
Where are the third party developers talking how freaking awesome Windows Phone 8 is?
Where are the XBox games?
Where are the numbers talking about all the new features they've added since 7.5?
What about the new mapping services that Nokia brought?
Where's the effing Skype demo showing the integration and using the freaking front facing camera?!
How about the new customization options?
How about apps integrating the new speech support?
What features are included in the 7.8 update for older Windows Phones?
Where are the release dates and pre-orders for the 920?

Instead of actually creating a compelling presentation and a call to action, they wasted half the time on kids corner and Jessica alba...

And what the heck was that promo video all about? A bunch of people in different locations simply holding windows phones? WHO CARES?... How about showing people actually USING the phone to do COOL things?

What a sad presentation for one of the biggest updates to Windows Phone...

I didn't think it was possible for Microsoft to get worse with their Windows Phone 8 announcements. I was wrong.