Microsoft Reviews and The Verge's Reviews In General

I just read the Windows Phone 8 review. I liked the review although it seemed to be trying a bit hard not to be damning of the platform (I know I know damned if you do damned if you don't). It just felt sort of like an advertisement combined with some serious criticism. Which was weird. It was also written before the release of Windows Phone 8 and was missing reviews of features I just heard about on the livestream.

What pissed me off before, what's pissing me off now, and what will continue to piss me off is that The Verge doesn't define "ecosystem". In fact "ecosystem" is really just app count. Until The Verge says "here is how we define ecosystem" I will continue to read the reviews and the wrap ups but completely disregard the scores given for platforms, products, and services. I never realized this hole in the review system until I started reading their reviews of Microsoft products but it needs fixing.