How long until there is a 32 gig version of the Nexus 4?

I'm a firm believer in removable batteries and expandable storage, but you know what they say, money talks. The Nexus 4 is so amazingly priced, that I am willing to forgo these 2 features. Seriously, $349 for a 16 gig Nexus device with a Quad core Krait processor, new generation GPU, amazing HD Non-pentile display and high capacity battery is a steal. The only thing that is holding me back is storage. I take a lot of pictures, carry my music on my phone and use a number of apps on a regular basis, and 16 gigs is really cutting it too close. Do you guys think there will be a 32 gig version of the Nexus 4 and if so, how soon will it come along?