I hate technology: Or how does one cope with it's rapid pace?

i just finally locked myself into a 2-year contract with frickin' Verizon for the iPhone 5, cause i figured that the new nexus, like the Gnex at launch would be expensive. But instead, it's the same price as the Galaxy Nexus... $349.

This is how I feel right now: Start at 0:54. Robocop walking into the liquor store is the Nexus 4. He makes my machine gun look stupid.

@#$#@@@##$$!!! I just hate fucking technology. Progress is great, but it's like a kick in the balls, and i dont want to feel obsessively wanting to upgrade to every new thing every couple of weeks, but i do feel it. And in an instant something that was new and awesome 2 weeks ago, is now not as appealing. I hate this feeling, and it ruins everything.

How in the name of zeus's bunghole, does one control this obsessive urge? Do I stop visiting tech sites and just focus on the device i have until the feeling is passed? Frak me... why couldn't they have made an absolutely shite piss box without any new compelling features instead of the nexus 4? Why did Josh have to make such a nice video of it? why did he say it felt and looked good, why?

UPDATE: Just to be clear, while the Nexus 4 is the subject of this particular experience, it is not the central focus of my experience, replace nexus 4 with any newer, better, cheaper device. I'm not likely to cancel my iPhone 5 contract just because of this, but for a few days it sure feels like it's a sucky deal, even if it isn't. How do you guys cope with this? and What are the different ways of managing these emotions in situations like these, surely not everyone makes perfectly timed decisions, some decisions are forced with other variables.