iPhone 4S + MacBook Retina > N4, N10 & MacBook?

Currently have an iPhone 4S, MacBook Pro Retina, and used to have an iPad.

Been wanting a tablet, but knew waiting for end Oct was a good idea (hell, my birthday is in November anyway, so it was easy decision to wait).


Sell iPhone and get N4 and N10? Or get iPhone 5 (or keep 4S) and new iPad (mini or 3, not sure... Retina MacBook has spoiled my eyes for ordinary displays).


I know a lot of people currently have a GNex with Macbook - does this combo work well in terms of ecosystem? I don't think I use iCloud much, but it does my notes, contacts, calendars and etc well. I'm sure this can be replicated on Google, but has anyone made this switch (iPhone + MacBook > Android + MacBook) and regretted it?