The Big Three Have Spoken...Time for you to buy something

Ok Folks its done. The most major pieces of tech that will stir debate, fanboyism, love, and hate have been announced I honestly feel this is a great year for all of us Technophobes.

Apple is trying to corner all aspects of the market with

The iPad, iPad Mini, a new Mac Book, and their elongated iPhone 5

Google is Stepping up their Game with:

with the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and their Chromebook

Microsoft is trying to reinvent itself with:

Windows Phone 8, The Surface Tablet, and Windows 8 running on a bunch of different laptop/hybrid configurations

Plus we have the likes of Amazon, Samsung, HTC and others giving us the widely popelar Kindle Tablets, Galaxy Notes, and HTC One X+

So what do you think? What is everyone pushing towards?