Nokia 920 a killer phone for music lovers and photo enthusiasts

We already know about the superior photo quality of the 920 and in my eyes is the ONLY smartphone on the market that is capable of replacing a point and shoot camera and a satnav device.

However what struck me most was how powerful WP8 and Nokia 920 is for people who love music. Take the following:

NOKIA MUSIC - Totally free music streaming and downloads. Gig info and radio.

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XBOX MUSIC - Skydrive cloud based streaming, playlists, sync with your PC and move your itunes collection to using the WP8 app.

PANDORA - Free for a year with ad free streaming.

Couple this with the camera and Nokia Drive you got the perfect phone for travelling to and recording your gigs, taking photos in those shaky and low light concert situations. Plus listening and consuming music offline or online from any of the above apps.