Ive replacing Forsatll..Hmmmm

Android folks,

As many of us who follow all things tech have noticed Forstall is leaving and Jony Ive is replacing him in UI design. Coming from the perspective of an Adroid user, I think this is a wrong move as Jony Ive is not and has never been a software guy, and to imagine he will do something magical on the UI side is just odd to me.

Android hired Matias Duarte, a UI Design guy by trade, and in every sense of the word, and it gave us ICS. Which was major and even got the dude a award.

I know Apple fans are elated as hell, but does anyone think this move seems weird? I know people will say why is this in an Android forum, but I think it would be interesting to know an Android users point of view. Especially Android users who have used Android Pre and Post Matias Duarte, as I feel Android is a perfect example of how hiring a UI guy who actually knows what they are doing matters.