Just sold my iPad 2 for $350...iPad Mini, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, or Surface?

All four of these devices intrigue me, thought I'd reach out and see what people are thinking. I'm leaving out the retina iPad because I was starting to get bored by the experience, and it was unwieldy on-the-go. I actually bought a Nexus 7 this summer, but I received faulty hardware and have proceeded to have a terrible experience with Google Device support - I have yet to receive a refund after more than 2 months. Briefly, my rationale for considering each new device:

  • iPad Mini: smaller package, interface I know/like, apps I want/need, solid price point
  • Nexus 7: smaller package, decent app support, cool/new OS, amazing price point
  • Nexus 10: decent app support, cool/new OS, mind-blowing screen, amazing price point
  • Surface: mediocre app support, cool/new OS, decent hardware, ok price point
I'm leaning iPad Mini right now, but want to hear other opinions. Thoughts?