Free Windows 8 Upgrade for Brazil users!

Hello everyone, I just got some awesome news that I just needed to tell the tribe right away.

A little history first:

Here in Brazil we had a little problem with the Windows 8 launch. See, our price was a bit cheaper than yours, in order to have a round number, so instead of $39.99, our price was R$69.99, which is roughly $35.00.

The problem at launch was that Microsoft was charging 40 bucks converted to Reais, which translated to R$83.00.

They eventually stopped sales and fixed the price, but a lot of early adopters (including yours truly) just went ahead and threw their money without looking (or caring, it was a 6 bucks difference).

But Microsoft promised to fix it for us, and a few minutes ago I got the news! In an email they are sending everyone, it states that my upgrade will be fully reimbursed but my license will continue to be valid!

So, I am just writing this to let any Brazil Vergers affected know theirs will be free too, and also thank Microsoft, who did right by the early adopters and gave us a pretty good present!