Why doesn't Microsoft help themselves? I really don't get it

WP fan here for 2+ years, probably solely convinced a dozen people to get a WP phone during the last year, and have owned a Samsung Focus and Lumia 900. Now that we got that out of the way...

I like WP. I really do. I like the UI, and I cannot imagine myself using something different. I like their ecosystem despite the bullshit rating by The Verge. And it's probably good enough for most users out there. But why not go 1 step further, and cater for us nerds? In a simple way too! I really don't understand Microsoft.

1. Imagine that for whatever reason, you are launching an app every 10 minutes. You would want that app to always fast resume, right? Especially given the fact that app launch times are slow. Why not allow the user to "pin" apps in the multitasking view? Would it really take a programmer more than a week to code that up? Right now their algorithm is: first one in, first one out. Modifying that algorithm is probably a matter of 5mins, and then you would just need to add something to the UI for this option. Maybe a slider bar under each card in the multitasking view. One week total for implementing. Very simple to do, so much benefit, and it doesn't even confuse normal users, as they would never touch that option.

2. I get it that they don't want a notification center and I don't mind. But missed notifications ARE a problem! Why not make those notifications available to their respective apps? (dev-wise) So when the app launches, it's up to the app developer on how to handle them (i.e. inform the user or not). This is more than 1 week's work for MS, but seems to be simple enough to implement given the fact that the OS handles those notifications already anyway.

I really don't understand. They kept the SDK secret for so long, for what? NOTHING exists in the final product, that wasn't in the SDK, and the SDK leaked ages ago. Why not open it up to all devs?

There must be some reasoning behind this, but I just don't see it. So confused...