Today we got the competition's best and Apple has nothing to worry about

Windows RT

Nice product, but limited app ecosystem. It's killer feature Office only runs in the desktop interface which is not suitable for touch. Tegra 3 is not good enough to run Windows RT well. While some software optimizations are coming, the hardware needs to get better.

Windows Phone

It was actually sad watching the Windows events. I love technology and I really wanted to be wowed by Windows Phone.Windows Phone has nothing over iOS or Android. It's only distinctive feature is the Live Tiles. That's it! It really can't compete. Xbox integration is meaningless with the limited selection of games.

Nexus 7

LTE. It's kind of funny how the shoe is now on the other foot. It used to be Apple that was put down for lack of LTE.

I've owned a few Android devices including a Galaxy Nexus. The newer versions of Android are nice and the Google services are best on Google's OS, but iOS leads leads quantity of quality apps.

Nexus tablets

Samsung did it again. They created some very good hardware that is comparable with Apple's hardware, but what they can' t match is Apple library of software. On the Nexus 7, the phone apps did not feel too out of place on a 7 inch tablet, but the 10 inch Nexus faces the same issues as all the other large Android tablets. The phone apps looks terribly out of place.

Competition is great. High quality stuff all around!