How can we make the windows 8 start screen less hideous?

First let me say I don't hate windows 8, I installed the preview version on my laptop and I am using that right now. It's fine and I will continue to use it. But the start screen is not attractive.

Tiles are more interactive and more alive, but they are not as clean looking as an empty desktop with a beautiful background. Of course you don't exactly live inside the new start screen, it is typically a window or portal into another program or application, but if that is going to be the main launching point for different tasks, I'd prefer it look better.

So lets come up with ideas to make it look sharper. Here are a few of mine, if they are horrible please blast them, if a thousand ideas die on the vine it is a worthwhile thing to make the windows start screen less jarring.

1. For the love of god allow custom backgrounds for the start screen. Those psychedelic pastel colors and swirls are so 70s it's offensive - like an ice pick to my eyes.

2. Allow wider variation in size and perhaps even shape of the tiles. Why can't an image or weather tile take up a whole column instead of just one or two squares worth of space?

3. Change the themes so that they don't involve the multi colored tiles. That definitely has a certain "style" to it, but what if I don't like that style and think it too cartoony? Suck lemon? They do look better when some of them are showing actual images of content, but the monochrome colors that often appear are not always the best looking thing to have. I wish there were options to make certain tiles translucent or just hidden until hovered over or near. I don't really know where I am going with this, but there is something unsatisfying about the screens aesthetics to me.

If we are going to have some radical new design for a start screen I would prefer a theme that is more futuristic and cool looking like iron mans interface in the avengers:



Too exotic and out there? Perhaps, but I swear to you all, that image I just posted is a thousand times more beautiful and interesting looking than this screen:



I am not even sure if it would be possible to spice up the look of the start screen into something more futuristic looking, but that would go a long way to making it better looking. There is something incredibly dated looking about those multiple colors in that start screen above.

Thoughts? Am I crazy? Does everyone just think the current start screen looks perfect?