Can Someone Explain The Point of a Landscape Tablet?

Okay, maybe this is a silly question to some, but I really need help understanding this.

What is the point of having a landscape style tablet like the Nexus 10? I have a 3rd gen Ipad and the Nexus 7. And I have come to enjoy using these tablets in portrait mode. This really makes the most sense to me - like holding it like a book or a newspaper in portrait mode. I really feel the Ipad shape is the best one for reading and web surfing.

10 inch android tablets on the other hand all are meant to be held in landscape mode. Even Mattias holding the Nexus 10 in the verge video in that uncomfortable landscape mode with his wrist extended was uncomfortable for me to watch. Who enjoys the strain on their wrist reading it like that? Does Apple own the perfect rectangle dimensions of the Ipad? The only advantage to landscape mode seems to be watching movies.

I get that everyone has different preferences but this is a deal breaker for me. Anybody else? You can always flip the Nexus to use it in portrait I guess but its uncomfortably long. Kind of awkward putting it on your lap on a train :)