Verge hacks, community features, and more


Have you ever thought to yourself "I wish I could get more Verge in my life"? Well wish no more! Here is a list of things you can use to make your time on The Verge more efficient and fun.

A better commenting experience

RSS comment notifications

Android App for comment notifications (Play store link)

Collapsible comments (update: site update added this functionality)

Chrome extension for comment replies/recommend tracking

Unofficial Windows Phone App


To find your old comments

  1. Use the forum search tool
  2. Search for your user name
  3. Click on "comments"

Get involved with community features/activities

Weekly photo critique threads

Vergecraft (join, rules)

Book Club

Polynauts (the folks that previously hung out in Gaming)


Community Guidelines

Commenting on Polygon


Flag comments/posts that are

  • Spam (advertising links, malicious links, repeated copy/pasted comments, etc.)
  • Troll (overly aggressive, baiting, insulting, off-topic, etc.)
  • Inappropriate (Racist, sexist, NSFW, etc.)

Try not respond to these comments, it tends to escalate things

If something is pretty bad, email the moderators at

Get more Verge outside of The Verge

Official (The Verge, Polygon)

YouTube Channel

Writers’ Twitter accounts











The Verge Calendar (announcement post)











@r_vergecraft (reddit) (Forum post)

Vergecast Bingo

Polynaut Steam Group

Spotify playlist of Verge favorites

Show your support

3D print your own Verge logo


Skin Chrome with The Verge themes

Is the list missing anything? Let me know!

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