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It's Wednesday, October 3rd and we're back. When I say 'we' I mean 'I'm' back - and with the bonds of writing attaching themselves to me once again, here we go at Polygon on The Verge.

After a busy weekend we all crawl back to the warm glow of our ageing CRT monitors for another week at that favourite place - work. Thumbs up on Mondays!



1: 'Nights: Into Dreams HD' review: troubled sleep by Arthur Gies

Much like September’s release of Jet Set Radio HD, Nights HD isn’t just a faithful version of the original; it’s a sort of historical document that celebrates the game, warts and all. It even includes the elusive Christmas Nights, a special holiday release distributed through certain magazines and rental outlets for the holiday period of 1997.

But Sega can't change the game that released more than 15 years ago. Nights occasionally captures the dreamlike gameplay magic it aspires to, but it feels more like the seed of a great game that just never blossomed into something that fulfilled that potential.


2: 'Fire Pro Wrestling' review: heel turn by Chris Plante

In 2007's Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, you could create and modify practically anything — from wrestlers and referees to belts, rings and rule-sets. In 2012, you can dress up your avatar.

That comparison should set expectations for this latest grappler — an addition to its franchise in name alone.


3: 'Pokemon: Black and White 2' review: a different shade of grey by Griffin McElroy

You already know what to expect from Pokemon Black and White 2. Its doesn't buck the formulaic nature of the franchise, which will leave a large part of its audience — a chunk that wants to rekindle their lapsed love of the series with something genuinely new — out in the cold.

But that audience is bookended by veterans and newcomers alike, and for those two groups, Black and White 2's improvements make it the franchise's most accessible entry point to date.


4: 'The Secret World' won't be free-to-play 'anytime soon,' says director by Alexa Ray Corriea

The Secret World is "not going free-to-play any time soon," said Funcom communications director Erling Ellingsen in a recent interview with Eurogamer.

"But of course we're always looking at [the business model,]" he added. "It's a fast changing business and we have to adapt ourselves. But right now there's currently no plans."


5: Microsoft Australia announces new pricing on Xbox 360 by Tracey Lien

Microsoft Australia is lowering the recommended retail price (RRP) of the Xbox 360 and its Kinect bundles, dropping the price of products between $AU50 and $AU150, the company announced today.


1: Momentum: My Idea For A Fighting Game by PaddyStardust

I've been thinking a lot about fighting games recently, what with the new Tekken Tag, Dead or Alive, and the numerous 2D fighters you guys talk about all the time. There's loads of different takes on the idea of "punching another dude", but I notice one feature that seems suspiciously absent from the majority or fighters, the concept of momentum.

Allow me to elaborate. I'm not normally a fan of floaty fighters, where the aim is to juggle as hard as you can. Off the top of my head, Tekken, Street Fighter, BlazBlue and many others work with this pop-up style. Now, I won't say that jugging isn't skilful, because it totally is, but in the real world, it's totally impossible.

2: Anniversary logos by dummysystem

I had the impression that these past years a lot of IP had their big anniversary. So looking for it, I found some nice anniversary logos.

I'm sure I've forgotten a lot of franchises (especially from PC) , so don't hesitate to add them.

3: Anime You Might Not Have Tried/Heard Of #4 by Revolurt

Hi there, I am back. Since I have been really lazy lately, I figured I might use this opportunity to give myself some motivations, so here I am.

Plus, I am a man of promises (kept).


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