What's Stopping Apple from "Copying" Google Maps?

I'm sure this probably falls under “copyright infringement”, but what's stopping Apple from having teams of people just lifting data from Google Maps to fill in Apple Maps' missing information?

I read somewhere that map makers include non-existent roads to detect whether a competitor has copied their mapping data, but by and large Apple already have the mapping data and they just need to fill in missing information such as road names and points of interests.

If Google Maps lists an eatery at a certain road and Apple Maps doesn't, Apple could just lift the information and add it to Apple Maps. If it's accurate, it can't be copyright infringement since Apple Maps is just reporting a fact. If it's one of those deliberately false information used to detect copyright infringement, it could be user-submitted data anyway, and if such deliberate misinformation existed, it'd also cast some doubt on the accuracy of Google Maps, wouldn't it?

Might be a stretch, but I can't believe that they're not doing this to some extent. Heck, I might compare Google Maps and Apple Maps for the places I frequent and submit feedback to Apple using Google Maps information myself. Thoughts?