My Note 2 is here (Quick First Impression) ... Full review will be posted soon


I got my Galaxy Note 2 yesterday , very good first impression , I am an original Galaxy Note N7000 owner (and Galaxy S I9000 before that), so i will do some comparing between the 1st and 2nd Galaxy note

I still keep the boxes


Quick First Impression

  1. Glossy back (fingerprint magnet didn't like it that much), bit uneasy to open and close
  2. Fiting the micro-sim was a bit-strange (it don't seem to go all the way inside, not the normal clicking sound)
  3. it's looks very good from the front , bit heavy (not that much)
  4. Display is amazing
  5. Very fast and smooth UI (Jelly Bean doing it's magic )
  6. Very fast and improved camera UI (shooting pictures is much improved experience )
  7. Much Improved pen with improved accuracy (now i can draw very accurately)
  8. good volume level from the loud speaker
  9. Battery level holding very good so far ...
  10. Touchwiz is much much improved
  11. hover function of the pen is amazing and usable
  12. Nice RGB notification light

Full review will be posted soon