Microsoft Dream Phone... (Updated: More Pics)

I once had a vision for the perfect phone. This was way back when I had bought my very first smartphone. It was an HTC Wizard 8125. I had purchased the phone because I had seen my father using a Sprint version of it for his job as a vendor. He would submit reports on the device. It used Windows mobile at the time and I thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Needless to say I spend the first week with my phone in total solitude just experimenting and researching applications for it. I even threw some music and movies on it! This was all way before the iPhone and the smartphone revolution.

Anyhow, I had eventually outgrown the device and sought to have something better as we techies all do. So when the iPhone 3GS was announced, I went down to get a cheaper iPhone 3G. It was wonderful at first but not having the open-ness of Windows Mobile was something that I had always missed. So I had set about thinking and brainstorming on what would be the perfect Windows Mobile device that would bring me back to Microsoft and this is what Ive come up with. Its a take on the Zune HD with some additions and modifications for phone features.

I am absolutely certain that its achievable with todays technology. I know for a fact that many people have been clamoring for a device like this from Microsoft for such a long time now. As far as specs are concerned, I would see something like a quad core processor, 2 gb of ram, a 1080p 4.8" LG display, and maybe 16-64 gb of storage. NFC and LTE would be great as well. I forgot to include a camera on the device but I would almost venture to say that it would make the back of the phone ugly. But I would think that a decent 8mp shooter would do the job well and a 2mp front facing cam as well.

Let me know your guys thoughts on my mockup! I'll probably be posting an updated version with cameras.

Thanks all and enjoy the eyeball feast!

Update: I decided to do some work to the device to include some additions and simplifications.



And heres an all black front...